Ways to Promote an Office Cleaning Enterprise

If you are considering starting your personal cleaning/janitorial services, this article contains low-priced promotional techniques and strategies you can employ to obtain accounts for your office sanitizing enterprise. Establishing an office sanitizing enterprise is not difficult and needs little capital to start up. The only expenditure, in large part, comprises purchasing supplies and publicity. Luckily, cleaning materials are not expensive and does not cost a lot to publicize online or in local dailies.

A majority of corporate professionals are willing to hire an individual or company to clean and sanitize their offices and facilities because they are very busy. Do not forget that anyone is capable of cleaning. So, the trick is to employ other people to carry out all the cleaning after you have gotten things up and running, leaving you with enough freedom to bring in new business. Actually, there are ways that are quite inexpensive and simple that you can use to promote your office cleaning enterprise. Listed below are just some of the ways.

Specialized Service

If it is just one kind of business that you provide your sanitizing service, for example, publishing facilities; by focusing all your energies on only one sort of customers, it will make your efforts better and your life less difficult than when you provide everything for everyone.

Consider this instance, if a publisher has to choose between two or more companies and one of the companies specializes in publishing offices while the rest provides services for all kinds of companies, which cleaning group do you think he will select?

By majoring in just one or few kinds of service, your company is giving out a clear message that your crew provides services tailored to their requirements and that is precisely what faithful customers desire. Try to put this idea into use by carving out a small niche such as dental offices, laboratories, doctor’s offices, High Tech offices, Real Estate, pharmacies, etc.

Do not misconstrue me in this aspect. You can go after whatsoever office type you want to clean, but it is better to modify your promotion towards every single sort of industry. Put differently, you can offer specific services in a lot of diverse industries.


Giveaways are one of the promotion tactics employed by the owners of office cleaning enterprises. Companies do love trying services for gratis – free of charge. The moment they find out what an excellent job you are doing, and the moment you win their confidence, there is a good probability you have won a customer. If you are managing a cleaning company, you could make a gift of colour swatches, free sanitizing guides and a brochure of cleaning tips. As soon as you start to give way authoritative facts and figures (information), clients will start to regard you as a professional in what you do. Although this may appear time-consuming and difficult to some extent, it is actually not.

Business Cards

For any office/janitorial cleaning enterprise, business cards rank as one of the best advertising tools. The issue is that most people that are just coming into the business of office cleaning do not have the knowledge of the ways to do correctly do this. From this single little approach alone, you will bring in a lot of business if you have the knowledge of the ways to put your business card at the right time into the right set of people’s hands.

Just learn the ways to provide an enticing offer for new customers on the back of the business card. Time and again, this strategy has worked for owners of office cleaning enterprises. You just have to give out more than two hundred cards and then hope for a positive outcome. This method is one of those methods which can get you leads that will actually assist you in obtaining more patronage than if you were managing a costly full-page promotion in the telephone directory.